Últimas Notícias: Volvo Trucks in Brazil signs biggest-ever sales deal on VMs with Reiter Log—and Biglorryblog has the story!

The news that Volvo do Brasil has signed a deal to supply 233 new trucks to ReiterLog, the logistics operator based in Porto Alegre, Brazil provides Biglorryblog with the perfect excuse to post some shots of the Volvo ‘VM’ the locally-built heavy truck but with a narrow cab (from the FL) which is very much flavour of the month in Latin America—as is also the similar Iveco Cursor.

The ReiterLog deal comprises 183 VMs (there’s another one above) and 50 FH trucks and is the largest single sales deal for Volvo VM trucks ever signed in Brazil since the range was introduced in 2003. The trucks will work in cattle and meat transportation operations in different regions of the country, particularly in the states of Rio Grande do Sul and Mato Grosso where many cattle farms, cold storage facilities and retailers are located.
“We’re happy to sign this agreement and are glad to see the Volvo VM steadily gaining market shares,” Roger Alm, President of Volvo do Brasil tells BLB.
“The Brazilian truck market is growing and in the past year the number of truck registrations there increased more than in any of the other major Volvo Trucks markets.”

And here’s a shot of the VM as a tractor–an attractive looking artic if I may be so bold.